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Naturally higher in Omega 3
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Welcome to Comeragh Mountain Lamb

Comeragh Mountain Lamb – A Flavour of The Comeraghs
Mountain Lamb is a well kept culinary secret and Comeragh Mountain Lamb has its own unique story. Our lambs roam free range over extensive areas of mountain. They graze over a much broader and more varied landscape than their lowland counterparts. As they roam they eat wild grasses such as sheep fescue, moorgrass, deergrass and common cotton grass. They also feed on heather of which there are three types in the Comeraghs – ling, bell and bog. Tormentil is a herb found in abundance as well as common sorrel and herb Robert. Wild flowers such as dog violet, bluebell and primrose bloom from early spring through to Autumn. They drink only natural mountain spring water. This unique diet has a huge influence on our lamb’s texture, flavour and quality. Because of the roaming nature of our lambs, they have higher levels of Omega 3 fatty acids in their tissues. Farming, therefore, barely intrudes on this meat which gives you, the customer, a superior, unique, natural, healthy product from the heart of the Comeraghs to your dining table.


Naturally higher in Omega 3
Delicate and tender flavour
Fully traceable from farm to fork

Who We Are


William Drohan

William Drohan is currently farming in Comeragh, Co Waterford where he lives with his wife Bridget and young family. He is the sixth generation of his family to herd sheep in the Comeragh Mountains. From the age of ten, William had a passion for shepherding sheep. This interest was developed and nurtured by his family who passed on their tradition, skill and experience to him, that they in turn had learned from their ancestors.

Aidan Dunwoody

Aidan Dunwoody was born in Northern Ireland and moved to Comeragh in 2000 when he married Catherine, Willie’s sister. Having a background in farm management and sales, he and Willie decided to establish Comeragh Mountain lamb in 2008 to promote and sell their lamb for its distinctive quality and flavour.